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Featured Product.

DIY 10kW Solar System

Our most popular solar system for rural customers is the 10,000 watt solar kit. In Alberta, this system will generate 13,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. And now, the Alberta Solar Incentives will pay $7000 towards the costs.

For this system, we have selected a quality 250W solar module with a 25 year power output warranty. To this we have added microInverters from the world’s second largest manufacturer – APsystems. This system features optimized production by giving each panel its own inverter circuit, so more power will be delivered in snowy conditions.

For the DIY installer, we offer wholesale pricing on the power components as a kit. All you have to do is provide the mounting method and the electrical connection.

Our 10kW DIY Kit includes:

  • 40 250W solar panels with 25 year power output warranty
  • 20 APS MicroInverters, with 10,000W output.
  • Monitoring gateway allows you to watch solar production on your own web page.

Optional extras include

  1. Mounting system with specialized aluminum rails, module clamps, electrical bonding lugs to install the solar on a sloped roof. Typical Package cost: $1695, but we can customize this depending on your layout, roof dimensions and roof/truss construction.
  2. Tilt structure for ground mounting in 2 tiers. Complete kit – you provide screw piles, beams or concrete to attach to. All aluminum and stainless steel. Package cost: $5932. Includes engineered drawings and foundation plans.
  3. Roof flashings for to seal holes drilled in shingles. Call for kit pricing.
  4. Specialized self sealing bolts to attach to steel roof buildings. Call for kit pricing.
  5. Electrical Services: You will need an electrician to take out a permit, and safely connect your solar system to your electrical service. NRG Energy can provide that service anywhere in Alberta

Why buy from NRG Energy:

  1. We have been involved in solar for the past 10 years, and have quality installations all across the province. We understand solar.
  2. We are Certified Electricians, and know what you are getting into. We are here to help DIY customers install their own solar, but properly and safely.
  3. We sell only quality equipment, and this equipment has a 3 way warranty: NRG Energy, our distributor who has been in business since 1988, and the manufacturers. We will all make sure your needs are taken care of. Now and in the future.
  4. We understand rural solar, and take care of our customers.

How to order:

  1. Talk to us. We’ll make sure you get the right equipment.
  2. Place your order. We will deliver anywhere in the province. You can also pick up the equipment in Calgary or Edmonton. Don’t forget to bring a truck or a trailer. This system takes 3 pallets, and has a bundle of 13’ rails.

Contact us today to learn more about the DIY 10KW Solar System!